by Sound Awakener



using intended clicks and distortion to create a hidden space.
but not a shelter
much inspired by these 2 recordings
Reviews :

“hidden” is an impressive piece that explores the thoughtful explorations required to make metallic and digital shutters shine with life. " - Beach Sloth
"hidden is a notable early-career effort in musique concrete – structurally tight and quite engaging." - Avant Music News
(...) The music of the young Vietnamese Nguyen Hong Nhung grows subtly without any pity, remorse, substance default fields analog recording, multiple echoes and constants that are mixed , evolve, echoing in the substrates of consciousness in the process of awakening psychic. - Sounds behind the corner (translated from Italian)
"Hidden can be seen as the most promising start of the Sound Awakener project getting underway(...).It’s strangely hypnotic soft noise– I was particularly drawn into the album’s second piece, “Hidden”. This is a very intriguing collection of electroacoustic pieces, and I am already looking forward to her future efforts." - Foreign Accents (full review : bit.ly/1wVjerY)
"Hidden has to be one of the more challenging dark ambient albums that I’ve listened to.(...)Whatever the noises and sounds presented to the listener, they create strange rhythms that draw the mind in and certainly create an effect. These rhythms are key to what makes Hidden something worth listening to." - Casey Douglass
"The EP Hidden is a frozen drone wasteland, casting light on the darker emotions of the Self, flayed bare by external natural extremes and internal frission. The mechanical white noise and deliberate, unsettling production tics and stutters is circumvented by found sound and more classical instrumentation, culminating in both an introverted and cathartic susurration of the senses. " - Sonic Masala
"Most of her work is incredibly experimental, noisy and jagged and hidden follows this trend in true experimental fashion" - Music Gleaner
"We’ve read ‘Hidden’ being described as “noise” among other things, but there is certain mildness, a reverse calmness, to what it is going on here; half hidden industry weaving and intermingling with itself, sounds that resemble hydraulic start-ups, tight rhythm-upon-rhythm of propellers, horror movie-type, twisting and cajoling found sounds." - dukla prague away kit
"We’re smack dab in the middle of a minimalistic conceptualization à la Koji Asano (less polite, at any rate) and a grim alteration of comprehensibility. However, Sound Awakener does not need to arrive at the level of aural terrorism: in “Diary”, she successfully lulls us into gray-tinged oblivion with a concoction of flanging oscillations, undernourished fluctuations and concise fusillades." - Touching Extremes
"In the end it might not be a place to hide in, but it sure is an interesting stay and showcase that makes the so called undesired sounds, very desired. Try it out and find yourself in the odd position of now not throwing any unwanted sounds away, as in the end they might be useful in the interesting work of Sound Awakener" - Yeah I know it sucks


released November 28, 2014

all tracks recorded and mixed in 2014 by Sound Awakener



all rights reserved


Sound Awakener Hanoi, Vietnam

Solo experimental music project of Nhung Nguyen, started in 2011.

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