Be whole

by Sound Awakener



Chapter I with fragments recorded in 2012, reworked in 2013, 2014 and 2015.
Chapter II first recorded in 2014, reworked in 2015
Chapter III recorded in 2015
"Be Whole’ is a 3 chapters journey through the electrical subconscious of the musician. Each chapter lasts more the 10 minutes and it illustrates a progressive, transcedental wave of powerful thoughts and emotions. The fresh, out-of-this-world noisy EP smacks the listeners’ internal ear in a violent, yet captivating manner, at the limit between music and binaural beating. With this release, the artist rediscover her music’s purpose: to connect nature and technology." - Cultartes Magazine
"The last track is of course Chapter III, and here its Sound Awakener exploring a more action based sound exploration. It’s something harsh noise enthusiasts would have tingly ears for; a bit more hate full sounding, but yet kind enough to not fall in an excess of painful sounds and other uncomfortableness. In fact when you go through these 17+ minutes you might pick up a certain rhythm too it, and the harshness seems to be fading away.. Not that it actually does fade away, but it’s probably that you get used to it, and while at ease in this audio environment you will just find yourself at home as it strangely seems to calm listeners down… And with all the soft touches that Sound Awakener is rich off; the artist manages to push the track through until it’s all over. And strangely (considering its ‘music-less’ content; it does feel as captivating and orchestrated as music…" - Yeah I know it sucks


released July 1, 2015

All tracks produced by Sound Awakener



all rights reserved


Sound Awakener Hanoi, Vietnam

Solo experimental music project of Nhung Nguyen, started in 2011.

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